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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 31, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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happened." tomorrow with penny marshall. good night everybody. >> cenk: welcome to "the young turks"." we have finally bipartisanship. a full fema membership. >> if you call 1-800-621-fema. >> cenk: that's interesting. the federal government is going to rebuild that. how do the republicans feel about that? we'll show you in just a minute. >> you see the color that's fuel oil and transmission fuel. each one toxic and hazardous material. >> cenk: one of the top climatologists in the field with
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us today. do you know there was a warning that this would happen in new york exactly like this? we'll share that with you, as well. at the end of the show, are some halloween outfits out of bounds. >> as ill considered party costumes go, this one sets a new standard. prince harry showed up dressed as german's world war ii africa core complete with nazi armband. >> cenk: are some halloween costumes also racist. we have differing opinions on that. and then an interesting story about how a guy broke into high house by a crazy guy. did it change my mind on gun rights. interesting show. it's go time. >> the president now coming off
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of air force one. >> within a week you have the president of the united states, governor christie arm in arm. >> in some places the ocean covering the island. >> this hit people very hard. it will hit them in the pockets. i think they'll all be counting on fema to help them through. >> a search and rescue mission. >> does visiting here helped a lot of comfort. >> please if you have an extra dollar or two send them along. >> governor christie throughout this process has been responsive. he has put his heart and soul to make sure that people of new jersey bounce back. >> what will happen on november november 7th, november 7th. >> cenk: you know he really shouldn't remind them. that's the guy running for president. not knowing what day the election is. oops. on the other hand, republicans
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and democrats coming together in bipartisanship. we knew it could happen. it didn't happen for four long years, but a week before the election. here comes president obama into new jersey, and he's going to be working hand in hand with governor chris christie in new jersey as they go around the state trying to see what people need for rescue clean up and rebuilding. boy did they have high praise for one another. here is chris christie first talking about the president. >> he has worked incredibly closely with me since the storm hit. this is our sixth conversation since the weekend, and it's been a great working relationship to make sure that we're doing the jobs that people have elected us to do. i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and for the people of our state. it's my honor to introduce to all of you the president of the united states.
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>> cenk: i have to keep it real with you. that's my job. i love how they care about the people of new jersey and, etc. etc. when it comes to policy the romney people have to be ripping their hair out. they have to be despiting chris despising chris christie right now. right before the election republicans and democrats working together at a moment when they need the president to step up, etc. it helps the president in 2012. it helps chris christie in he can't to run in 2016. now president obama will return the favor. >> obama: at the top of my list i have to say governor christie throughout this process has been responsive. he is has been aggressive in making sure that the state got out in front of this incredible storm, and i think the people of
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new jersey recognize that he has put his heart and soul into making sure that the people of new jersey bounce back even stronger than before. soy just want to thank him for his extraordinary leadership and partnership. >> cenk: all right, there you have it. that bromance is complete right there. chris christie to be fair seems to be doing a terrific job in being out there trying to find out the needs of people, and he had this very good moment here with a grieving woman who suffered through this storm. let's watch. >> nothing nothing. it's a shame. it's a shame. i got nothing left. everything is ruined. ruined. i'm going to lose it. >> i'm devastated over this. >> of course you are. >> i'm devastated. >> you should be.
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>> i've been trying to keep it together but it's very hard. very hard. >> cenk: look, it's a good reassureing image to put out there. that's what the governor should do, and nice work on his part. you're going to need to rebuild obviously. you have $20 billion in poverty damage and then $10 billion to $30 billion in cost of business that was delayed over the storm. that's not just in new jersey but all the areas affected. who is going to help you rebuild that? the federal government. the president talked about all the resources that are going to be put into play here. >> we were able to get military transport planes to move assets, personnel to speed up the process of getting power up and running as soon as possible. we have emergency generators. we've got a navy ship that has helicopters that can help to
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move assets around the state as well. >> cenk: well, that does seem like a lot of federal resources. do you remember when president obama had a comment you didn't build that, and the republicans lost their mind. let's remind you. >> obama: somebody helped to create this unbelievable system that we have to help you thrive. somebody invested in roads and bridges. if you have a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. >> cenk: well, after sandy, when you talk about the jersey shore or a lot of other places, you can fairly say you didn't rebuild that. the federal government will re rebuild that. will the republicans say hey i don't want the money? dowill he say i don't want the federal help? hell no. do you remember when he ran this against obama. >> if you have a business, you didn't build that.
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somebody else made that happen. >> my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company? through hard work we built this business. why are you demonizing us. we need someone who believes in america. >> cenk: you see, that was the whole point. no one was demonizing anybody. president obama was saying we work together to build things, and sometimes to rebuild things. and that is in fact exactly what happens after storms. after hurricane katrina it was $113 billion of federal money that went down there to rebuild that area. there is a ratio that the government spends arch these disasters. it's 75% after the state and local governments have spent 25%. that's a disaster aid formula that has been around for a long
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time. there is another ratio where the federal government spends 90% and the state only spends 10%. how in the world are they going to rebuild that after the federal government. it all works together. it doesn't mean that you only need federal government and you don't neat local contractors or governors or mayors, of course not. that's a ridiculous and extreme comments that only republicans would make. speaking of ex-treatment comments, do you remember mitt romney said he didn't believe there should an federal fema? unbelievable. he was asked about that from reporters. let's get the response. >> what is your response about fema? >> cenk: he was asked 14 times that day and i never answered the question. that's pretty telling right there in and of itself. now, when we come back we've got one of the top climate scientists in the world with us, james hansen.
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they warned us, they warned that storms like this would happen. they didn't listen. by the way, the republicans are also going to cut aid and preventive efforts as well. we'll talk about that when we wambach. >> the mass. >> anyone who says there is not a dramatic change in weather patterns is denying reality. >> cenk: aha. we have a breakthrough that talks about climate change. we'll also talk about that, and our the arctic ice melting contributed to that. we have the director of this slept documentary document--of this excellent documentary on this show next as well. >> i never imagined you could see glaciers this big disappearing in such a short time. going to cut through the noise. wanda sykes will be keeping it simple, boiling it down, shaving the head of this beast ... >> ah, shut your yap!
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(vo) oh. >> hey. watch the show. i'll have experts make sense of [bleep] so you can vote smart. (vo) it's an all new election special. (vo) wanda sykes. breaking the election down like a >> shut up!
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>> we start the this old sea walled that was one of many things damaged from the storm surge from sandy as it made it's way from east river to right here in manhattan. all day long, people pumping out, pumping out. in some cases three stories of water deep. >> cenk: as you see there, and over the last couple of days we have an epic disaster in new york new jersey, and other areas on the east coast.
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finally we have a politician who mentions kindly, manically climate change. it's governor andrew cuomo of new york watch. >> there has been a series of extreme weather incidents. anyone that's not a political statement. that's a factual statement. anyone who says there is not a dramatic change in weather patterns i think is denying reality. >> cenk: not bad i'll take it. even though he didn't say the words climate change he was going in that direction. we have one politician in the country talking about it. the presidential campaign has not talked about it at all. >> deep underground the beating heart of new york manhattan's transit system.
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>> 3,000 feet of track complete ply sub merge. 12,347 above ground, the cleanup is just as formidable. that's fuel, oil and transmission fluid. each one is toxic and a hazardous material. >> it's not like we weren't warned about this. when you see my god i can't believe it happened. ben strauss, said the city's extremely vulnerable. three of the top ten highest floods at the battery since 1900 happened in the last two and a half years. if that's not a wake-up call to take this seriously, i don't know what is. back in 2007 quote if we have 1.5 feet of sea level rise, it could sub merge the rock aways coney island, much of the southern brooklyn and queens portions of flushing meadows corona park, queens, lower manhattan, and eastern staten
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island from the grate kills harbor. guess what, it didn't take a hurricane 3 level hurricane for that to happen. they said this, with an one meter sea level rise the paper found that what is currently a 20-year event by 2100 meaning they're coming quicker and quicker. james hansen at nasa, climate scientist who has been warning us since 1988 at least. look at his testimony in front of congress back then. >> all together this evidence represents a very strong case in my opinion that the greenhouse has been detected and it's changing our climate now. barring a remarkable and improbable cooling 1988 will be the warmest year on record.
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>> cenk: now dr. hanson, author of "storms of my grandchildren" joins us now. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> cenk: i want to ask you how much worse it has gotten since your testimony in 1988. >> well, it's gotten worse because the planet is warming and nothing is being done about it. it was great that governor cuomo mentioned that there seemed to be some extreme climate events but he didn't draw the connection to global warming. this storm this extreme storm is related to the warmer ocean temperatures. the tropical storms get their energy from the oceans and warmer oceans give it more energy. in decision the warmer atmosphere causes it to have more water vapor and that rains are heavier and floods are greater. also because sea level is rising. that means that these waves are
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on a higher base. we see all those are connected to global warming. yet no one is talking about that. >> cenk: so, do you think this storm in particular was made worse or intensified by the events you've been talking about, or the climate change you've been warning about? >> absolutely. the things that i mentioned the warmer ocean makes the storms stronger and makes them have more water vapor more rainfall, and heavier floods. >> cenk: do you think this will happen with greater frequency as we go forward? >> yes absolutely. well, we've shown that the temperature anomalies are shifting. there is a natural weather aggravationvariation is very large. the distribution of them is shifting toward warmer climates. so the extreme events like we saw in texas oklahoma last year, and in the rocky mountains
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and the midwest this year, those are what we call three-standard deviation events. they occurred 50 years ago only a few-tenths of one percent of a time or they covered an area of land only a few tenths of one percent. but the last few years they've been covering 10% of the land. that's because the distribution has-shifting. this is global warming. there is definitely a connection connection. >> cenk: if this is so acute why are leading politician who is are theoretically in a democracy not voiced any concern about it during the debates or through the entire presidential campaign. >> neither party wants to offend the fossil fuel indoes industry. industry. they want to win the election. they know the power of the fossil fuel industry. you can't turn on your television without seeing
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advertisements about clean coal, clean tar sands and the claim that there are more jobs associated with fossil tile than other energies. that, of course, is not true, but they're hammering that into the voters' heads. if anyone challenges the fossil fuel industry--first of all they'll lose the money that they'll get from the fossil fuel industry. secondly, they'll have the fossil fuel industry against them in the election. >> cenk: it seems that we can't change the climate change problem until we solve the money in politics president obama because money has flooded politics to a degree where they've effectively shut down our politicians' efforts of fixing this. >> yes campaign finance reform, it has been lost as a topic. however, the real problem is that fossil fuels are still the cheapest energy because we subsidize them. the taxpayers subsidize them,
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and we do not make fossil fuels pay for their cost to society. air pollution and water pollution from fossil fuels, if you get asthma or any other illness from the air and water pollution you have to pay for that yourself. not the fossil fuel companies. these climate effects $20 billion effect of this storm, who is going to pay for that? the taxpayer, not the fossil fuel industry. we need to add collective fee from the fossil fuel company and distribute that money to the public so that will--the fee will cause them to increase the price of fossil fuels but the people will then have money to make the decisions of what energy they're going to use. gradually we would move away from fossil fuels as this fee rises to clean energies. that's what we're going to have to do. the politicians are not willing
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to say that we cannot burn the fossil fuels without guaranteeing a different planet and cheating our children. >> cenk: well, they also get paid by those fossil fuel industries. it's their incentive systems in form of campaign contributions and lobbying. dr. hansen. thank you for joining us on "the young turks." we really appreciate it. finally we do have a little bit of good news for you. the media is beginning to move some of the other channels have realized oh, right, climate change. look at what happened today. >> a lot of people are wondering today if the current hurricane has anything to do with global change, climate change. >> the ocean is now much hotter as a result it's much higher. >> the climate has changed. it's called climate change folks. >> manmade global warm something not only real, it's having an
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effect right now. >> it's only going to get worse over this century and over the year coming years and decades. >> cenk: as my mom would say thanks god somebody finally noticed. we're making a little bit of progress. we're going to bring on the director of a movie we'll be showing you for a while now on this show. it's called "chasing ice." it's about the arctic ice caps melting. and jeff, i want to bring him in right now. jeff thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. how is the arctic ice melting that you show in your documentary relate to sandy or any other storms. >> we were documenting these glaciers in the past five years and recording dozens of glaciers all over the arctic. these cameras shoot every hour and in some cases every half hour of daylight. we've kept this ongoing record for a number of years. all of the glaciers we've been documenting have been shrinking
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and deflating at the same time. that's the process of water transitions into the ocean and sea levels rise. >> cenk: since the ice melts from the land to the water that's why we have higher levels of water and hence it floods easier. is theis that the easier explanation? >> scientists measure one-eighth of an inch per year, in some places it's more than that and other places less than that. but on average it's one-eighth of an inch per year. in my grandmother's lifetime it has risen eight inches. in my lifetime it's expected to be one meter measurement by the year 2100. >> cenk: every time the ocean rises and we get a more severe storm it creates a cycle a vicious cycle which then makes flooding worse and worse. >> right.
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>> cenk: how about the temperature of the water does that effect what happens in these storms well? >> dr. hansen was talking about that as well. the sea level rises and then you add to that warmer temperatures. it's not just air temperatures but water temperatures. all of those things is creating more moisture in the air. we're creating the system for a perfect storm. and those once in a lifetime storms are going to happen more frequently. everybody talks, and they ask whether or not you can attribute this specific event to climate change or not? that's the wrong question and the wrong way of thinking about it. a good analogy is if you think about a baseball player on steroids. could you attribute any individual home run to steroids? you can't figure out that correlation. that's too complicated to assess whether the steroids caused the specific home run but you know the steroids are causing more home runs as a trend. that's the point. there is an insurance agency
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that insure the insurance companies. they are the ones who have something to lose from natural disasters. they discovered over the last 30 years north america has had a five-fold increase of natural disasters linked to climb climate change, drought, wildfires things like that. >> cenk: it's a scary picture and one that you shot in a beautiful way in your documentary "chasing ice." thank you for sharing that with us and being on "the young turks" with us. >> thanks, cenk. >> cenk: when we come back we'll dive into politics. what are the latest numbers. who is winning who is losing. one of the candidates has the advantage. >> i will come on and shave off
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my mustache of 40 years.
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this is a better choice. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you long after the lozenge is gone. ahhh. not just a sensation sensational relief. >> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: well, we've got six days left before the election, and the candidates are in a tough spot. we just had this massive storm and they don't want to seem like they're campaigning in the middle of that, but at the same time they want to campaign. how did mitt romney resolve that conflict? yesterday he turned a rally into storm relief. here is a report about that. >> mitt romney also started campaigning tuesday but traveled
4:30 pm
to the battleground state of ohio to encourage donation tots red cross. >> romney: i appreciate the fact that people right here in dayton got up this morning and went to the grocery store and purchased some things that these families will need. >> cenk: here is a couple of problems with that. first of all, the red cross doesn't want those canned goods. unfortunately, due to logistical constraints, the red cross does not accept or solicit individual donations or collections of items. items of food, clothes need to be sorted, cleaned and repackaged and transported which impedes the money and personnel. oops. at least their heart was in the right place, or was it political--of course it was political. when people came in, press
4:31 pm
badges were titled victory rally. they may not have had time to change that. i'll give them a pass on that. romney's video bio was played. not so bad if you ask me. then the donation was required to meet romney but a lot of people had already turned in their donations or had not brought them in. how did they solve that? the campaign brought in $5,000 worth of donations so it appeared that people came in with donations so they would hand them canned goods an said here, hand this romney and we'll take a picture. it's transparent when you see what's going on. thehow is the race going on? the democrats seem very confident. here is morning joe. >> i will come on morning joe and i will shave off off my mustache
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of 40 years. >> cenk: well, are they in danger or are they not in danger? for questions that epic where do we go? [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: michael all of a sudden the republicans claim they're pressuring in michigan, minnesota, pennsylvania. axelrod said i'll get rid of the mustache if they're right. who is right and who is wrong. >> the republicans are right to be campaigning in these states because things are not going well in their other states. ohio specifically. the polling in ohio we'll get to in a little while. terrible for romney. the 31st day of october polls taken in those states every day and romney has been ahead once in any poll in either of those states in the entire month of october. >> cenk: in those 30 days there has been 1.5 trillion polls.
4:33 pm
>> and they have so much money to spend they might well spend it. they took in $120 million the first two weeks of october. >> cenk: you think they are in such bad shape they might try to get votes where they thought they didn't have a chance previously. is this a head fake? >> yes, it could be a head fake. that would have happened a few weeks ago. i think they're saying, look, we have a lot of money. we have not spent it well. >> cenk: he has run this campaign in an awful way for a guy who is supposed to be a brilliant ceo. he has too much money left when obama destroyed him early on when he spent it wisely in the beginning. should i spend it in rhode island? no you should have spent it in rhode island earlier. a poll putting president obama up 50-45 and then public policy
4:34 pm
polling, 50-45 those are both five-point leads and then the university of cincinnati has obama with a two-point lead. as you look at that, as far as polling goes six days before an election if we weren't worried about being wrong, etc. we'll put that in the books. >> i don't know if we'll put it in the books. ohio is one of these volatile states. you just want know it can change. you don't look at the 5-5-2 today, you look at the days that the president has been ahead in the poll, even in the margin of error. >> cenk: so let's get a sense of where they stand. obama is leading 48-45 according to the detroit news. according to epic--is that your poll. >> that's a poll i took earlier today. six-point poll. >> cenk: and not michael's poll.
4:35 pm
48-42, six-point lead. when you go to wisconsin 51-43 and 51-43. that's marquette. >> that just came out. that's a poll that a lot of journalists in wisconsin--i just talked to someone in wisconsin lee berquist said we're all waiting for that poll. that poll is definitive. >> cenk: so wisconsin looks to be solidly in obama's camp. iowa is critical swing state. north carolina, we even have a tie--come on, come on! >> what you're saying, why not go to michigan? why not go to pennsylvania. >> cenk: you're going to lose any way. you can go anywhere you like. >> they should spend the money. >> cenk: here is where mitt romney is going in six days. home. >> which one. >> cenk: the one with the car elevator. all right, guys, when we come
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back different topic for you. incredibly worst thing happened at my house. at 4:30 in the morning we had a guy who broke into my house. did it change my views on gun control? we'll have that discussion. you might remember my views on gun control from an interview we did here on "the young turks" on current. >> you're saying. >> you start beating the tar out of me, and i can get my hand on my gun, count on it, i'll shoot you. >> fantastic. now i know i can stalk your ass. and if you dare fight back i can put a bullet in your chest and say, so bad he fought back.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> cenk: so i want to tell a personal story and tell you whether it shook my convictions on gun control. something crazy happened at my house. at 1:30 in the morning my sister-in-law came upstairs. we've got a two-story house.
4:40 pm
she was downstairs. a guy had come up to the door that we have downstairs in a room and started shaking saying, i'm brian let me in. let me in. i'm in trouble. let me in. that scared the hell out of her. a guy we don't know at all. she ran upstairs, called the police and said can you help me with what is going on downstairs. i went down and there was a crazy guy in our yard. he had been all over the neighborhood. he had gone to four different houses. he threw a stone through a starbucks, etc. when i looked outside, he was in the driveway. thank god the cops had shown up. he's yelling at the cops, he won't back down. the police started walking towards him and towards the house. you know what he did, he bolted to our backyard and then broke down our back door and was in our living room. at this point i have jenny my sister-in-law, my wife, my newborn daughter, they were
4:41 pm
curious. they wanted to see what was happening with the police i got them upstairs right away. i turned on the lights and let the cops in. it all happened two seconds or so, and it was incredibly scary. the cops came in and handled the situation perfectly. they got him on the ground and thank god nobody got hurt. they said, he might be on bath salts, he was acting really crazy. which don't know that. we obviously need toxicology reports to straighten those things out but he was screaming and make nothing sense whatsoever. my friends canned me an interesting question. did it change your mind on gun control? did you wish you had a gun in the house when you had your wife and your newborn baby and sister-in-law and mother upstairs did it change your mind? not at all. i thought thank god no one had
4:42 pm
a gun. is it the guy with a gun or the guy without the gun. what is my priority, do i subdue the guy without the gun or go after the crazy guy which is which. what if the other guy had a gun. what if he has a gun and he starts shooting, i start shooting and the cops start shooting i have a two-year-old, a newborn and my wife in the house. that's the last thing i want in my house. i kept thinking, thank god there are no guns, and thank god he wasn't armed either. if we all have guns and we start shooting that doesn't help any way. and fighting back against a crazy guy with a gun is not what you should be doing. that's what the cops are for. they were there, they were ready, and they responded. it doesn't help the situation. as i went through that crazy experience, thank god everybody is totally okay, i was very thankful towards the police. i was thankful that everybody was all right, and honestly the most of all i was thankful that no one involved had a gun
4:43 pm
because it would have made the situation far, far worse. all right that's my experience. now, when we come back we're going to lighten things up a little bit. it's an interesting conversation and a bit of a debate. halloween is a fun holiday but are some costumes out of bounds? are some costumes racist? we'll have that discussion when we come back. >> the young sinatra. >> oh, sammy stop it. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: so we have an interesting question here on halloween for the tyt supreme court. are you allowed to be more racialist during halloween? throwing in a made-up word or one in dispute. so the justices are here, ana kasparian, michael shure and of course justice jayar jackson. now, i want to set it up this way. some things seem like they're clearly out of bounds although billy crystal has done black face before in doing sammy davis jr. but i think we're all agreed that this is out of bounds. >> where are you going now? >> we're going out with hemmingway and fitzgerald. >> then we're going to go kill
4:48 pm
hitler. >> more than you know. >> the young sinatra or am i nuts. >> oh, sammy stop it. this guy. >> cenk: now billy crystal has been doing that for a long time, and not on halloween. >> 's an impressionist. >> cenk: he got heat for that. but black face. >> i'm going to ano. >> cenk: ben is dressed as j.r. >> cenk: are you allowed to joke about that? >> no, i don't think it's allowed. >> cenk: prince harry once dressed up as a nazi. let's take a look at that. >> as ill considered costume parties go this sets new standards. prince harry showed up last saturday night dressed up in world war ii africa uniform
4:49 pm
complete are remember band. >> not allowed. >> cenk: a not allowed? >> really, it's the same--it's poor taste. >> cenk: it's pretty clear. thou let's get into the gray zone. miley cyrus dressed up as nicki minaj. there is no black face there but miley cyrus is not and nikkinicki minaj is not. is this allowed? >> this is allowed. >> yeah, definitely. there is nothing offensive about that. did i don't even understand why it would be and she looks exactly like nikki nicki minaj styliziccally. >> we all know lines and where things have sensitive area. it doesn't mean that you can dress up as any kind of past
4:50 pm
military person, but you can't degreesdress up as a nazi. >> it seems like he's idolizing nazi. that may not be his intention. >> but to fall back on history and say i'm just a british officer from africa 50 years ago--no, that doesn't count. >> cenk: i know these lines seem arbitrary to people, and we people say, well ghengis khan. he killed so many people. can you be again again ghengis khan maybe. >> but chaka khan no. >> cenk: a young asian woman dressed like a geisha is unacceptable. >> i totally agree. >> cenk: how dare they. it's interesting because we've
4:51 pm
got another young woman who was dressed as a geisha recently. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> cenk: i don't know either. wait a minute! okay. acceptable or not acceptable. jayar jackson. >> here's the thing, if you don't realize it, and there is a group that it offends you pay attention to that group and you say, oh, we knew about black face and others saying i'm in the hood party and they put on big butts, that's obvious. but here is a group who didn't know at the time and they say here is the history of that group, and. bothers me. that's off limit as soon as i disagree. but there are lines. if you dress up as a comfort woman, god that has a whole history with it. >> as what? >> a comfort woman. when the japanese came and devastated not just the chinese
4:52 pm
but the koreans and took women as comfort women whoa, that is offensive. but geisha they're nitpicking. >> there is a history to geishas than the history of comfort women than the history of war segregation and all of that that makes the difference. >> i would like to hear the case for why it's offensive because as soon as it was brought to my attention that it could possibly be offensive i thought i need to hear the arguments. that's not my intention was. victoria secret got into a lot of heat because they had a lingerie line called "sexy geisha." oh you're sexualizing the japanese women. >> cenk: not buying it. if you did a woman in a harem using my culture right yeah, that's--if you can't do that,
4:53 pm
then you have to shut the whole thing down. >> that's the whole basis foraysism, it's based on ignorance. if you don't know what you're doing, and someone educates you on t you're educated now. it doesn't mean that you're hateful but ignorant on the subject. >> cenk: if you did me as an old school turkish guy how about this? is that acceptable. >> that's hardly a costume. >> cenk: that's got to be acceptable. how about this one. if michael went acceptable or unacceptable. >> totally accept acceptable. >> cenk: apparently we're a split court on this. you get oh to weigh in as well. now when we come back, the elbow of the day and it's literally precious. don't miss it. people when i'm upset.
4:54 pm
they're doing this this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. this is more than a teddy bear. it's a step towards normal. it's why allstate catastrophe teams not only have hot coffee and help for grownups... they've also handed out more than twelve thousand teddy bears to kids.
4:55 pm
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get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] elizabeth evans was listening to the npr and they were talking about obama-romney. and her four-year-old finally had enough. >> i'm tired of bronco bamma and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? oh, it will be over soon abbie okay? the election will be over soon, okay? >> okay. >> oh. >> cenk: that pretty much
4:57 pm
summarizes the whole country's feelings about this election. and who didn't love the new name, bronco bamma. by the way, how bad ass is that? it's so much better if that's his name--bronco bamma. they have been piling the elbows on this four-year-old during the whole campaign making her listen to bronco bamma and romney, well finally she gets to speak to all of us and puts them in the ring--here comes abigael evans. she has had enough of you. she has had enough. all right look, one more funny part to this story. npr host mark memmott went and apologized to her. he said, we've been running this thing so much, but actually the real people who should apologize are the guys who make the ads. my god especially if you live in a swing states like colorado where she does. ad after ad after ad, abigael, we hear you.
4:58 pm
we feel your
4:59 pm